emulsifier and raw material for the production of washing and cleaning preparations as well as cosmetic ones

Product characteristics

Aqueous-alcoholic solution of the potassium oleate, with addition of auxiliary substances.


CH-SEBON KO 20 is used:

-  as the active foaming agent for the gelatinantion of both natural and synthetic rubber;

-  as the active component of liquid detergents/washing agents;

-  as the dust removal agent in production of perlite;

-  for removal of the printing ink in recycling of paper;

-  as the lubricant for various applications;

-  as the separating agent in production of latex and rubber products (e.g. mattresses);

 there are no unrecommended applications stated.

Product characteristics

CH-SEBON KO 20 is a colourless to yellowish liquid, clear, mixable with water.

CH-SEBON KO 20 must comply with the quality attributes as follows: 

Quality attribute


Method of determination

pH value of the 3% solution

8 to 10

PN-ZM 706/2014

Dry residue, in %

minimum 19

PN-ZM 706/2014

Appearance of product

colourless to yellowish liquid, clear

PN-ZM 706/2014

Processing of the product

CH-SEBON KO 20 is produced from vegetable oils; it is used in so-called "bio-cosmetics". Due to its high washing and cleaning efficiency, it is also used in soap cleaning agents for wood (parquet and laminated floors, furniture, and so on), where it accentuates the natural colour of wood.

Packing & Storage

CH-SEBON KO 20 is delivered in PE cans (volume 50 litres) or in other previously negotiated containers. It is to be stored in tightly closed containers, protected against the direct climatic influences. Recommended storage temperature range is +5°C to +25°C.


CH-SEBON KO 20 is to be transported by means of closed transport vehicles. This product in not subject to DR/RID regulations.

Warranty period

The warranty period for this product makes 24 (twenty-four) months, provided that its transport and storage comply with the above-mentioned.


The data concerning product characteristics and processing were obtained by means of lab testing and application tests. This Technical Data Sheet is only intended as the legally non-binding information and advice - the processing of product must be always adapted to the current conditions

Purpose of useproduction of washing gels, production of hand-washing pastes
Propertiesfoam activator agent, detergent, fine surfactant
Potassium Oleate143-18-0205-590-5Potassium Oleate