ALMIPAL ABA used in various industrial branches for instance as washing and cleaning agent
Almipal PB it is used in shampoos, bathing foams and other preparations as a pearl additve and a foam stabilizer. Combination with alternative surface active agents is possible.
ALMIPAL VSM used for the production of dry goods especially then for liquid preparations containing abrasive compounds.
Alson NAM wetting, washing and bocking agent, suitable even as a raw material for the production of communal detergents and as an industrial preparation for constructive basic industry
Alson TEA
ALSON TN is a raw material in the industry of washing and cleaning preparations and auxiliary agents in construction industry. It is a substance with a hydrotropic features and stable in an alkalic environment
ALTAMIN T concentrated and highly effective non-silicon softening and antistatic agent for final adjustment of washable fabrics
ALTAPON DS 30% used as a component for the production of liquid detergents, especially washing and cleaning preparations. When it dries up it creates non-viscous residue that destines the product for product formulations such as "dry foam" type.
Altapon L ALTAPON L is a mid-foaming preparation. In textile industry, it is used as washing, kiering, cleaning and fulling preparation. It is applicable in temperatures lower than 60 oC. It is also utilized as raw material in production of liquid detergents –washing and cleaning agents
Altaran POA serves as a fundamental substance in cosmetics as well as in cleaning and degreasing preparations. It features very good dermal tolerance.
Altaran PT is used as a part of preparations for personal hygiene such as shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap and so on. The fineness improves the final formulation characteristic.
ALTARAN S8 is rapid wetting agent with all-purpose use. It is suitable for various types of materials. It can be applied wherever a quick and thorough wetting of a solid surface is required.
Alvol AKD ALVOL AKD is used for the preparation of shampoos, bathing foams and other products from the branch of washing and cleaning agents as a foam stabiliser and fat-adding agent
Alvol BMK 30% used as the flat agent and fabric conditioner for textile fibres and as an additive into cosmetics
Alvol L used especially in formulations of preparations for personal hygiene, where its high dermal tolerance, high foaming ability and foam stability are utilized
Alvol OMK is used especially as a perfect foam stabilizer in liquid washing, cleaning and even technical agents. At the same time it also enhances washing ability. It may also be applied in washing agent formulations for hard surfaces including agents for bathrooms, WC and disinfectants.
Flavol BMK
CH-SEBON KO 20 emulsifier and raw material for the production of washing and cleaning preparations as well as cosmetic ones
CH-SEBON KPZ 1 as an emulsifier and as a raw material for the production of cosmetics and cleaning products
Spolapon 26%
Spolapon 27%