raw material in dish-washing industry and auxiliary agent during the production of raw materials for the construction industry

Product characteristics

ALSON TN is an aqueous solution of sodium toluenesulphonate.


ALSON TN is a substance with hydrotropic features.

Product features

ALSON TN is yellow to brown-yellow liquid of an anionic character.

ALSON TN must comply with these quality signs:

Quality signValueMethodology of setting
Dry matter (%)35 up to 45PN-ZM 051/2001
content of sodium sulphate (%)3,5 maximumPN-ZM 051/2001
3% pH of water solution7,0 up to 10,5PN-ZM 051/2001
Colour (transmittance)70 minimumPN-ZM 051/2001
ferrum content (mg/kg)20 maximumPN-ZM 051/2001

Product manufacturing

ALSON TN is used as a raw material in dish-washing industry as well as an auxiliary agent during the production of raw materials for the construction industry. It is also used for the cloud point heightening of nonionic tenzides. Owing to its hydrotropic properties it is also usable everywhere, where the need to better the liquid agent homogeneity is. It also can find its benefits when improving inorganic salt absorbing ability (such as phosphates or silicates) without any consequent splitting. ALSON TN also reduces often abnormally high viscosity of a concentrated tenzides compound and their formulations with inorganic salts. By the nonionic tenzides the cloud point is increased so that the dosage of the other soluble agents such as alcohols or glycols is eliminated.

Packing and storage

ALSON TN is supplied in metal drums with the screw-fixed sealing in 200 l volumes, in PE cans in 50 l volumes or other containers that have been discussed in advance.It is stored in closed containers and at the places protected from direct weather influences. Recommended temperature to store is within +5 to +25 degrees. Short lasting exposure to lower temperatures during the transportation for instance, does not have any negative effect on the application properties of this product whatsoever.


ALSON TN is transported in full-covered vehicles. This product is not subject to the ADR/RID regulations.


If the product is transported and stored according to the above mentioned conditions, the warranty is 6 months from the date of stock-out.


Data about the product characteristics and its manufacturing were acquired by laboratory measurements and application tests. This technical sheet can only give a legal advice without any obligation. The manufacturing of the product must be adjusted to the specific conditions.
Purpose of useproduction of washing powders, production of industrial cleaners
Propertiesadjustable viscosity, basic surfactant