production of industrial cleaners

Související produkty

ALSON K basic raw material for the production of surface active agents
ALSON NA raw material for the production of washing and cleaning agents both in liquid and pasty form. Cleaning and washing agent in an industrial-entrepreneurial branches
Alson NAM wetting, washing and bocking agent, suitable even as a raw material for the production of communal detergents and as an industrial preparation for constructive basic industry
Alson TEA basic substance for the production of liquid detergents
ALSON TN raw material in dish-washing industry and auxiliary agent during the production of raw materials for the construction industry
Altapon L washing, kiering, cleaning and fulling preparation in textile industry
Alvol AKD preparation of shampoos, bathing foams and other products from the branch of washing and cleaning agents as a foam stabiliser and fat-adding agent
Alvol BMK 30% flat agent and fabric conditioner for textile fibres, an additive into cosmetics
Flavol BMK antistatic fabric conditioner as well as an additive into cosmetic products
Spolapon 26% used as a basic raw material for production of washing, cleaning and degreasing agents in all types of industrial branches; emulsifier and cleaning agent