Flore Ultra Apple 5 l

used as a very effective hand dishwashing product

Product's EAN code: 8595011909869
packaging EAN code: volný kanystr

Package volume: 5 l

Logistic table:

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Chemical characteristics of the product

A water solution of a mixture of surfactants, pleasantly perfumed.


FLORE ULTRA is used as a very effective hand dishwashing product.

Product features

FLORE ULTRA is a clear, medium viscous liquid with a fresh fragrance. It is produced in these types.

FLORE ULTRA must comply with these quality signs:

Quality sign 


Methodology of determination

Dry matter in %                      

min. 12

PN-ZM 715/2015

pH 3% of water solution

6 to 8

PN-ZM 715/2015

Consistency by 23 °C/F4 in s

min. 100

DIN 56211

Product processing

An effective dishwashing solution is prepared by diluting 1 to 2 tablespoons (8 to 16 ml) of the composition into 5 liters of water. The product is also effective in cold water.After work, we recommend that you rinse your dishes under running water and treat your skin with a reparative cream. The product contains dermatologically favorable surfactants.

Packaging, storage

FLORE ULTRA is supplied in PET bottles of 500 ml and 1 liter capacity, in PE canisters of 5 and 10 liters capacity or in other pre-agreed packages. Store in closed containers in places protected from direct weather conditions. The recommended storage temperature is +5 to +25 ° C. The product must be protected from frost!


FLORE ULTRA is transported by covered means of transport. Not subject to ADR / RID regulations.

Shelf life

When the product is transported and stored in accordance with the above conditions, is its shelf life 24 months from the date of production.


Data about the product characteristics and its processing were obtained by laboratory measurements and application tests. This technical sheet can only give a legal advice without obligation, the processing of the product must be adapted to the specific conditions

Weight variant
FLORE Ultra Apple
Flore Ultra Apple 1000 ml
FLORE Ultra Cherry 5l used as a very effective hand dishwashing product
FLORE Ultra Lime 5l used as a very effective hand dishwashing product
Flore ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER Blossom Meadow 5 l used for washing and cleaning all washable surfaces such as floor coverings, paving, sector furniture, glass surfaces and the like
FLORE Ultra Pomegranate 5l highly concentrated, dermatologically favourable preparation for washing dishes with the scent of pomegranate
Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate25155-30-0-Sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate
glycerine 99,5%56-81-5200-289-5GLYCERIN
Sodium chloride7647-14-5231-598-3Sodium Chloride
Citric Acid77-92-9-Citric Acid
perfume compositionBlend-Parfum
Sodium salt of fatty C12-C14 alcohol ether68891-38-3Sodium Laureth-2 Sulfate
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