Almipal PB

pearl additive and foam stabilizer in shampoos, bathing foam and other preparations

Product characteristics:

ALMIPAL PB is a blend of sodium laureth sulphate, glycol-distearate and Cocamide DEA. 

Product use

It functions in shampoos, bathing foam and other preparations as a pearl additive and as a foam stabilizer at the same time. It is also possible to combine it with other surface active agents. It is well-miscible even if cold. It is turbid, white thixotropic liquid.

ALMIPAL PB must comply with these quality signs:

Quality sign 


Methodology of setting

Dry matter (%)

35 minimum

PN-ZM 404/2006

pH of 1% water solution

5,5 up to 8,0

PN-ZM 404/2006

Sodium chloride (%)

3 maximum

PN-ZM 404/2006

 Product manufacturing:

ALMIPAL PB is dosed in quantities of 10 up to 20 kg to the ton of the preparation.  The quantity may be reduced even upped according to the requirements of particular customer.  

Packaging, storage 

ALMIPAL PB is delivered in PE cans (50 liters) or in other containers that have been discussed in advance. It is stored in closed containers at the places protected from direct climatic influences. The recommended temperature to store is within +5 to +30 °C. It must not be stored at direct sunshine not even close to any sources of heat. Protection from the freeze is needed!!


ALMIPAL PB is transported in covered vehicles and is not subject to the ADR/RID regulations.


If the product is transported and stored according to the above mentioned conditions, the warranty is 6 months from the date of stock-out.


Data about the product characteristics and its manufacturing were acquired by laboratory measurements and application tests. This technical sheet can only give a legal advice without any obligation. The manufacturing of the product must be adjusted to the specific conditions.

Purpose of useprodcution of washing and cleaning agents, production of bathing foams, production of washing gels, prodcution of shower gels, production of liquid soaps, production of hair shampoos, production of car-care products, production of fabric conditioners, prodcution of disinfectants
Propertiesdetergent, mixed surfactant