production of liquid soaps

Související produkty

Almipal PB pearl additive and foam stabilizer in shampoos, bathing foam and other preparations
Altapon L washing, kiering, cleaning and fulling preparation in textile industry
Altaran PT used as a part of personal hygiene-care preparations such as hair shampoos, shower preparations, liquid soaps and intimate gels and so on
ALTARAN S8 All-purpose rapid wetting agent
Altaran S8/60 All-purpose rapid wetting agent
ALTHOSAN MB multi-purpose product for instance for the production of disinfectants in households, healt-care and vet facilities even in food industry and others
Alvol AKD preparation of shampoos, bathing foams and other products from the branch of washing and cleaning agents as a foam stabiliser and fat-adding agent
Alvol BMK 30% flat agent and fabric conditioner for textile fibres, an additive into cosmetics
Alvol OMK perfect foam stabilizer in liquid washing, cleaning and even technical agents enhancing washing ability
Ebol EM-SCH used as non-ionic detergent into washing and cleaning preparations; emulsifier, dispersing agent and wetting agent as well
ETOXON 70% concentrate used for the production of washing and cleaning preparations as well as cosmetic products for personal hygiene
Flavol BMK antistatic fabric conditioner as well as an additive into cosmetic products
Spolapon 26% used as a basic raw material for production of washing, cleaning and degreasing agents in all types of industrial branches; emulsifier and cleaning agent
Spolapon 27% basic raw material for preparation of detergents, washing, cleaning and degreasing agents in all industrial branches; basic raw material for production of cosmetics, destined for personal hygiene (hair shampoos, liquid soaps, bathing foams etc.