AVISIL Sleep full of scent

a fabric softener with a fresh scent

Product's EAN code: 8595011909814
packaging EAN code: 18595011909811

Package volume: 1 l

Logistic table:

 pieces in a cardboard
 pieces in a layer
 boxes in a layer


 boxes on a pallet
 pieces on a pallet
 layers on a pallet

Weight variant
AVISIL Sleep full of scent 2 l
AVISIL Alpine Air fabric softener with a fresh scent of mountain meadows
AVISIL Black Pearl fabric softener with an intensive, long-lasting magical scent aimed for a harmonious balance between softness and colourfulness of your laundry
AVISIL Magic Softness a fabric softener with an energetic, intensive scent full of passion
AVISIL Wild Orchid fabric softener aimed at the softness and protection of fibres of your clothes. It facilitates ironing.
ethoxylated lanolin61790-81-6;8039-09-6-PEG-75 Lanolin
Sodium chloride7647-14-5231-598-3Sodium Chloride
perfume compositionBlend-Parfum
Propan-2-ol67-63-0200-661-7Isopropyl alcohol
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