AVISIL Wild Orchid 1000 ml

fabric softener aimed at the softness and protection of fibres of your clothes. It facilitates ironing.

Product's EAN code: 8595011909807
packaging EAN code: 18595011909804

Package volume: 1 l

Logistic table:

 pieces in a cardboard
 pieces in a layer
 boxes in a layer


 boxes on a pallet
 pieces on a pallet
 layers on a pallet

Weight variant
AVISIL Wild Orchid 2l
AVISIL Alpine Air fabric softener with a fresh scent of mountain meadows
AVISIL Black Pearl fabric softener with an intensive, long-lasting magical scent aimed for a harmonious balance between softness and colourfulness of your laundry
AVISIL Sleep full of scent a fabric softener with a fresh scent
AVISIL Magic Softness a fabric softener with an energetic, intensive scent full of passion
ethoxylated lanolin61790-81-6;8039-09-6-PEG-75 Lanolin
Sodium chloride7647-14-5231-598-3Sodium Chloride
perfume compositionBlend-Parfum
Propan-2-ol67-63-0200-661-7Isopropyl alcohol
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