Flore Sanita Active 1 l

bactericidal, fungicidal, cleaning and whitening agent for the surface spaces

Product's EAN code: 8595011907377
packaging EAN code: 18595011907374

Package volume: 1 l

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Chemical characteristics of the product

Water solution of sodium hypochlorite


FLORE SANITA is bactericidal, fungicidal, cleaning and whitening agent for the surface spaces. It is designed for water disinfection (swimming pools, wells) and for washing and disinfecting washable surfaces and objects. It is used for disinfection and sanitary purposes in households, healthcare, agriculture, and food industry. It is suitable for the disinfection of sanitary devices, facilities for public catering, swimming pools, spas, hairdressers, and similar. It safely destroys bacteria, algae, and microscopic fungi.

Properties of the product

FLORE SANITA is yellowish to green, slightly opalescent liquid. It is diluted with cold water, the resulting solutions are clear to mild opalescent.

FLORE SANITA must comply with the quality marks:

Quality mark 


Methodology for specification

Active chlorine g/litre 

45 to 49

ČSN EN 901 (75 5835)

Product appearance

Yellowish to green, clear to slightly opalescent liquid

PN-ZM 716/2015

Product processing

Recommended dosing depends on the respective agent application.

1. Disinfecting of floors, surfaces, kitchen and hygienic tools and facilities, and sanitary ceramics.

For cleaning and disinfecting of floors, furniture, and both kitchen and hygiene utensils. Use a mixture of 1 litre FLORE SANITA to 9 litres of water. Heavy contamination needs to be mechanically removed first. Toys, objects, and surfaces that are in contact with food need to be washed with drinking water after 30 minutes. It must not be used on metal and enamel surfaces, subjects made from non-ferrous metals and polyamide, textile, wood, and rubber.  Non colour-stable objects may lose colour.

3. The disposal of moulds and bacterial on the walls, wood, tiles, etc.

It is used undiluted. The places affected are sprayed from distance 10 to 20 cm, and the treated place can be washed with water after 15 to 20 minutes or leave the agent to dry. Do not remove the mould before spraying to avoid the spreading of dangerous spores. In case of heavy contamination, repeat several times. Do not use on metals. Metal objects must be rinsed with water immediately.  

4. Disinfection of drinking water in wells, flow ducts, etc.

Put 20 ml of FLORE SANITA for every 1,000 l of drinking water. Sprinkle the water surface with diluted FLORE SANITA (e.g. mixed in a bucket or another suitable plastic vessel). After 30 minutes, the water is disinfected, and the active ingredient decomposed.

5. Disinfection and liquidation of algae in swimming pools

FLORE SANITA can be used as full season disinfection tool for the operation of swimming pools treated with chlorine-based agents. Initial dose: For first swimming pool initiation dose, use 160 ml for 3 m3 of water. First mix in 9 l of water (e.g. a bucket or another suitable plastic vessel) and then gradually pour into the swimming pool. Maintenance dose: For common disinfecting and maintenance of proper concentration of active chlorine in the swimming pool, use 80 ml of FLORE SANITA for 3 m3 of water. Shock dose: In case of algae occurrence; long-term hot weather; or increased use of the swimming pool, use a one-shot dose of 240 ml of FLORE SANITA for 3 m3 of water.

Packaging, storage

FLORE SANITA is supplied in PE cans with volume 25 to 50 litres or in PE canisters with volume 5 and 10 litres, in PE bottles 0,5 and 1 litre, potentially in other pre-agreed packages. Store in closed packages in the locations protected from direct weather conditions.  It must not be stored in sunlight and close to heat sources. Recommended storage temperature is +5 to +25 °C. Short time exposure to higher temperatures, e.g. during transport, does not affect the product application features.


FLORE SANITA is transported in covered transport vehicles in compliance with regulations ADR/RID.

Guarantee period

If the product is transported and stored as per the above defined conditions, the period of application is 12 months from the date of production.


The data on the product properties and its processing were received by laboratory measuring and application tests.  This technical data sheet can be used for reference purposes, the product processing must be adapted to the specific conditions

Weight variant
Flore sanita 5l
FLORE against mould Activ a fungicidal, cleansing and bleaching agent for areas and surfaces
Flore sanita apple bactericidal, fungicidal, cleaning and whitening agent for the surface spaces
Sodium Hydroxide7647-14-5-Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium hypochlorite7681-52-9231-668-3
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