ALMIPAL ABA used in various industrial branches for instance as washing and cleaning agent
Almipal PB it is used in shampoos, bathing foams and other preparations as a pearl additve and a foam stabilizer. Combination with alternative surface active agents is possible.
ALMIPAL VSM used for the production of dry goods especially then for liquid preparations containing abrasive compounds.
Alson NAM wetting, washing and bocking agent, suitable even as a raw material for the production of communal detergents and as an industrial preparation for constructive basic industry
Alson TEA
ALSON TN is a raw material in the industry of washing and cleaning preparations and auxiliary agents in construction industry. It is a substance with a hydrotropic features and stable in an alkalic environment
ALTAMIN T concentrated and highly effective non-silicon softening and antistatic agent for final adjustment of washable fabrics
ALTAPON DS 30% used as a component for the production of liquid detergents, especially washing and cleaning preparations. When it dries up it creates non-viscous residue that destines the product for product formulations such as "dry foam" type.
Altapon L ALTAPON L is a mid-foaming preparation. In textile industry, it is used as washing, kiering, cleaning and fulling preparation. It is applicable in temperatures lower than 60 oC. It is also utilized as raw material in production of liquid detergents –washing and cleaning agents
Altaran POA serves as a fundamental substance in cosmetics as well as in cleaning and degreasing preparations. It features very good dermal tolerance.
Altaran PT is used as a part of preparations for personal hygiene such as shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap and so on. The fineness improves the final formulation characteristic.
ALTARAN S8 is rapid wetting agent with all-purpose use. It is suitable for various types of materials. It can be applied wherever a quick and thorough wetting of a solid surface is required.
Alvol AKD ALVOL AKD is used for the preparation of shampoos, bathing foams and other products from the branch of washing and cleaning agents as a foam stabiliser and fat-adding agent
Alvol BMK 30% used as the flat agent and fabric conditioner for textile fibres and as an additive into cosmetics
Alvol L used especially in formulations of preparations for personal hygiene, where its high dermal tolerance, high foaming ability and foam stability are utilized
Alvol OMK is used especially as a perfect foam stabilizer in liquid washing, cleaning and even technical agents. At the same time it also enhances washing ability. It may also be applied in washing agent formulations for hard surfaces including agents for bathrooms, WC and disinfectants.
AVISIL Alpine Air fabric softener with a fresh scent of mountain meadows
AVISIL ANTIBAKTERIAL LAUNDRY GEL all-purpose washing gel suitable for towels, underwear, socks even bedin
AVISIL Black Pearl fabric softener with an intensive, long-lasting magical scent aimed for a harmonious balance between softness and colourfulness of your laundry
AVISIL Laundry caps
AVISIL Magic Softness a fabric softener with an energetic, intensive scent full of passion
AVISIL OXI stain removing agent in gel-like form
Avisil Washing gel Colour Expert washing gel for washing colour laundry
AVISIL Sleep full of scent a fabric softener with a fresh scent
AVISIL Wild Orchid fabric softener aimed at the softness and protection of fibres of your clothes. It facilitates ironing.
Bonansa Shower gel &Shampoo men Calm&Relax 500ml
Flavol BMK
FLORE alcohol cleaner
Flore ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER Blossom Meadow used for washing and cleaning all washable surfaces such as floor coverings, paving, sector furniture, glass surfaces and the like
FLORE ALL-PURPOSE CLEANER Flower used for washing and cleaning all washable surfaces such as floor coverings, paving, sector furniture, glass surfaces and the like
FLORE Bathroom Cleaner a highly effective product designed specifically for washing and cleaning sanitary equipment and bathroom furnishings
FLORE COVID disinfecting preparation for personal hygiene - hand disinfection
Flore Cream Cleaner cleaner with a suitably chosen abrasive for kitchen utensils, stoves, washbasins, fittings, ceramic tiles and other surfaces
FLORE scouring powder A granulated cleaning agent with an abrasive substance for kitchen utensils, stoves, bath tubs, wash-basins etc.
Flore machine cleaner designed for cleaning of automatic dishwashers
FLORE Dezi 5l universal detergent with bactericidal, fungicidal and tuberculocidal effectivity
FLORE Kitchen Cleaner highly efficient cleaning agent for kitchen utensils with an active foam
FLORE rinse aid preparation for the rinsing
FLORE against mould Activ a fungicidal, cleansing and bleaching agent for areas and surfaces
Flore Sanita Activ bactericidal, fungicidal, cleaning and whitening agent for the surface spaces
FLORE dishwashing salt dishwashing salt with a content of Sodium Chloride
Flore dishwashing tabs an effective detergent for dishwashing in automatic dishwashers
Flore Ultra Aloe Vera 500ml used as a very effective hand dishwashing product
FLORE Ultra Apple used as a very effective hand dishwashing product
Flore Ultra Cherry 500ml used as a very effective hand dishwashing product
Flore Ultra Lime 500ml used as a very effective hand dishwashing product
Flore Ultra Pomegranate highly concentrated, dermatologically favourable preparation for washing dishes with the scent of pomegranate
FLORE UNIVERSAL Sahara washing and cleaning of all washable surfaces such as floor coverings, paving, sector furniture, glass surfaces and the like
Flore all-purpose disinfectant all-purpose disinfectant for hands as well as surfaces
FLORE Violet Uni 5l washing and cleaning of all washable surfaces such as floor coverings, paving, sector furniture, glass surfaces and the like
FLORE WC bleaching gel Active Liquid disinfectant, washing and cleaning preparation designed primarily for sanitary facilities
Flore WC gel cleanser mainly used for municipal hygiene
FLORE WC gel ocean
FLORE Window cleaner is a preparation for washing windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces. It is also suitable for cleaning of the interior surfaces of the transportation means glass
CH-SEBON KO 20 emulsifier and raw material for the production of washing and cleaning preparations as well as cosmetic ones
CH-SEBON KPZ 1 as an emulsifier and as a raw material for the production of cosmetics and cleaning products
Kalyp Cream Soap Honey & Milk
Kalyp foaming soap 300ml
KALYP Hand cream D-panthenol 100ml
KALYP Hand Sanitizer 50ml
Kalyp Kitchen Hand Wash-Anti odor
Kalyp Liquid soap abrasive
Kalyp liquid soap ALOE VERA
KALYP liquid soap Arctic Ice
Kalyp liquid soap Honey Blossom 1l
Kalyp liquid soap Milk & Honey 1l
Kalyp liquid soap ROSE 500ml
Kalyp Shower Cream Almond & Milk
Kalyp Shower Cream Mango & Papaya
KALYP Shower gel 2 in 1 MILK & HONEY 300 ml
KORYNT DRAINAGE CLEANER pearl additive and foam stabilizer in shampoos, bathing foam and other preparations
KORYNT METAL CLEANER cleaning product for copper and stainless steel dishes; polishing metal railings, fittings, small metal objects made of precious metals, copper alloys etc.
Regia Bath Foam GRAPEFRUIT & MINT bathing foam with an intensive scent of flowers, content of grapefruit, and mint essential oil
REGIA Cream Soap ALOE VERA delicate liquid soap with D-Panthenol
REGIA liquid soap with antibacterial additvive
REGIA Shower Gel Men - FLAME shower gel 2in1 for men, for daily hygiene, especially for men
Spolapon 26%
Spolapon 27%
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